12/14/13 – Snatchurday

In the spirit of the Holidays and the amount of families we have coming to the gym, we would like to invite all of you who have made Holiday cards to bring one in so we can make a collage.  Thank you to Patti C. for the idea!

If anyone feels like making the trek into Hoboken today, Emmy and I will be competing at the CF Hoboken Winter Challenge.  Go 908!

Today’s Workout: 20 Min Workout

  • Buy In – 100 Abmat Sit Ups
  • Then, in remaining time complete as many rounds as possible of
  • 5 Hang DB Snatch Right Arm (Sx = 30#/20# – Rx = 40#/30# – CRx = 70#+/50#+)
  • 5 Hang DB Snatch Left Arm (Same)
  • 10 Burpees  – Choose a pull up bar about 6″ above your reach.  Use this as your target.  If there are no pull up bars that work for you, jump to a 45# plate.
  • FINISHER – Team s of 4-5 – AMRAP7 – 10 m sled push.  Follow the leader for 7 min.
Missing that stash Vincent!
Missing that ‘stache Vincent!