11/12/13 – Pretty Cool Date Today

Exciting New Schedule Changes @ CrossFit 908!

  • Monday – 7:30PM CrossFit
  • Tuesday – 7:30pm Free Class in conjunction with Fundamentals
  • Wednesday – 7:30PM CrossFit – No more Yoga on Wednesday nights
  • Friday – 5:15am CrossFit
  • Saturday – 7:30am/8:15am/9:00am

Feedback Needed!!!!!!! –

  • Kettlebell Kitchen – How did everyone like it?  Should we start up with them?  Please comment if you tried their food.
  • YOGA – When else can all y’all make it to Yoga? This Wednesday night is the last Wednesday.  Can anyone make it Thursday
  • Next Level Classes – Read yesterday’s blog post.  Any more thoughts?

Today’s Workout:

  • Part 1 – 1k Row – Time Trial
  • Rest 10 minutes – During your 10 minute rest set up for the second part.
  • Part 2 – AMRAP15
    • 5 Handstand Push Ups (SX = DB Push Press – Rx = Head to ground or 25#s and abmat – CRx = Deficit)
    • 10 Pull Ups (CRX = CTB)
    • 15 Kettlebell Swings (Sx = 35#/53# – Rx = 53#/35# – CRx = 70#/53#)
  • AMRAP2 – Push Ups
Adam, get that bar on your shoulders!
Adam, get that bar on your shoulders!


11 thoughts on “11/12/13 – Pretty Cool Date Today”

  1. In for the “next level” classes and I totally made my spring semester around those times. I didn’t try kb kitchen but I looked at their website and they defiantly have a lot more options and would be interested in buying some meals!

  2. Dunno if I qualify as “proficient” in all movements, but I would be interested in the ‘next level’ classes. I didn’t taste the food from KB, so I can’t comment. Is Halloween candy Paleo? I have eaten soooo much candy. Wow.

  3. Next level sounds AWESOME – what would be the prereqs? Also, I’ve been ordering KB Kitchen for about 6 months now…the specials are always insanely good. It would be suuuuper awesome to not have to be sketchy and pick it up at a gym I don’t train in.

  4. Are you going to establish a proficiency standard that an athlete has to pass ie Dave Werner at Level 4 in Seattle?


    Is it mandatory to sign up for both days or is it an if/when?
    I know I’m not at a competive level but enjoy goals to work toward.

  5. I tried the KB kitchen food and it was delicious. They have a lot of options and their most expensive meal for a large meal is around $14.00 which is a lot less than you would pay at a restaurant for much worse quality food. They also have a 38 ounce container with chicken and vegetables for around $14.50 that looks great.

  6. Really like the idea of the early Saturday class and if I am ever good enough I would like the next level classes as well 🙂

  7. I totally enjoyed the KB kitchen food!! I would be up for ordering some on a regular basis.
    Unfortunately, with my work schedule, I cannot commit to routine times for a competitor class, but I wish everyone luck in that class! That sounds awesome!
    T&E, thanks again for opening up more gym class times. (Maybe one day there will a 9pm, and this nurse will be able to make it on a work day!! haha!!!) Love you guys!

  8. Veronica Glennon

    It would be super awesome if these 7:30 classes are still around in the summer so I can make it to the gym when I am interning in the city again!

  9. I didn’t have the opportunity to try KB Kitchen, but trying to be paleo(ish) when I’m the only cook in the house can be challenging at times. I’d absolutely order now and then to give myself a few days off from cooking. Or even snacks – pretty sure my Steve’s Paleogoods orders are going to put some of their kids through college soon.