10/04/13: Lifestyle Challenge Day #4

The Garden State Open is tomorrow!  Classes are cancelled on Saturday due to the GSO.  We are charging $10 for spectators, but all 908 members and children are free.  If you are a 908 member and planning on coming to watch, please let Colleen or whoever is manning the spectator ticket booth know.  Come out and support our 908 athletes!

Today’s Workout:

  • AMRAP20
    • 300m Row
    • 20 Steps Overhead Lunge (45#/25#)
    • 10 Pull Ups (CTB = CRX)
  • Finisher – 50 Push Ups For Time
Last year's Garden State Open
Last year’s Garden State Open

3 thoughts on “10/04/13: Lifestyle Challenge Day #4”

  1. This picture is getting me even more pumped for Saturday!! Can’t wait to see everyone and do what we love to do together…all day…lol!!!
    xoxo, Dottie 🙂