10/22/21: Friday

908 Family! Everyday this week until Sunday, 10/24 is Bring Your Own Friend Week.

That’s right! You can bring a friend to any class all week long for FREE.

What’s even better is that for every friend you bring, you’ll be entered into a raffle at the end of the week to win some awesome prizes. If your friend signs up, we’ve got a special gift for them as well.

There are QR codes posted up in each gym that you can scan and then share the link with a friend. All we ask is that they register in ZenPlanner prior to attending a class. With over 80 classes between both locations there are plenty of options to help you convince a friend to come workout with us.

We thank you in advance for your support, and we look forward to meeting some of your amazing friends and family.

Sign up Berkeley Heights

Sign up Westfield

Today’s Workout

Warm Up

  • 2 Sets
    • Banded Pass Throughs
    • 10 High Pull + Ext. Rotations
    • 15 Pull Aparts
    • :20 Shoulder Taps
  • 2 Sets
    • 10-15 Empty Barbell Bench Presses
    • 40′ Sled Push
    • 5 Squat Thrusts

5 Sets

  • 8 Bench Presses (Build to a challenging 8 rep)

Conditioning – “Sledhammer”
AMRAP 14 – Teams of 4-5

  • 40′ Sled Push
  • Buy out:
    • 5 Squat Thrusts


  • 50 Lateral Step Overs
  • 3 min. Wall Sit (Weighted if able/desired)