06/08/17: Sea Legs

Today’s Workout:

  • Skill – Row Intervals – The goal is to row faster split times as the distance decreases
    • 2 Rounds – Alternating with a partner or use the rest intervals below.
      • 1,000m (Ros @ 2k Pace)
      • Rest 4 min
      • 750m
      • Rest 3 min
      • 500m
      • Rest 2 min
      • 250m (90%+ effort)
      • Rest 1 min
      • ***The second 1k Row in this workout will be the breaking point for a lot of people.  Being able to come off a 250m row sprint and only resting for a minute will prove challenging both physically and mentally. You need to rely on your rowing technique, keep your strokes per minute under control, and focus on breathing.  Decreasing split times and consistency across distances is the focus for the day.
  • Finisher – 75 Push ups For Time (Sx = 50 / CRx = 100)
The Juanimal – Juan in a million – We miss you. Hope you are healing up, and we can’t wait for you to get back!