06/06/20: Saturday

The gym is closed due to COVID-19 until further notice.
Today’s classes:
Outdoor WOD – 8 AM-BH @ the track at GL High School –WF @ Memorial Pool – ⭐MUST reserve in ZP⭐
Zoom WOD – 9 AM
Abs – 12 PM
Cocktail Crafting – 8 PM
*******BH Click HERE to reserve and join classes!*********
*******WF Click HERE to reserve and join classes!*********

Today’s Workout

  • Warm Up
    3 Sets

    • :30 Jump Rope
    • :30 Hollow Hold (Push Up Plank|Shoulder Taps)
    • :30 Butterfly Stretch (Straight Leg Sit Ups|Sit Ups)
  • Conditioning – “In Dub-bata Da Vita”
    *****Equipment Version*****
    Toes to Bar
    *****Normal Version*****
    8 Rounds For Total Reps
    :40 On|:20 Off

    • Max Sit Ups (Sub: Bicycle Crunches|1 min. Plank -F/R/L)
    • Max Shoulder Taps (Sub: Elevated Shoulder Taps|Push Up Plank|Forearm Plank|Hollow Hold)
    • Max Double Unders (Sub: Single Unders|Jumping Jacks|Plate/Stair/Chair Hops|Toe Taps|Standing High Knee March)
  • Accessory
    5 Sets

    • 15-20 DB Tricep Extensions