05/30/17: Nutrition Challenge Starts Today

All details regarding the nutrition challenge can be found HERE on our Facebook nutrition challenge page.  You and your partner must post your points each day.  Please also post questions, ideas, and recipes so the whole group can benefit.  Good luck to all of the challengers!

Saturday, June 10 – Gavin’s Gang & The Valerie Fund Walk and 5K Run – As some of you may know, Carolyn J’s son, Gavin, was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL).  Gavin is currently undergoing treatment and will be for the next 3+ years.  Gavin has a long road ahead of him, but the team at the Valerie Center in the Goryeb Children’s Hospital has been a huge help and support for Carolyn’s family, making this traumatic situation slightly less daunting.  Carolyn’s family has created Gavin’s Gang, a team helping raise funds for the Valerie Fund.  It is a wonderful cause, and we are proud to be a part of Gavin’s Gang.  While Erin and I will not be around for the event, we hope that many of you will sign up and show your support for the Valerie Center who provides such wonderful care for the children who suffer from cancer and other blood disorders.

Today’s Workout:

  • Extended Warm Up / Recovery – 10-15 min foam roll / jog / bike / row – Many of you did Murph yesterday, which is not only a long workout, but it is also quite a bit of volume.  We need to ensure that we stay mobile after a workout like Murph so today we will start with an extended warm up / recovery session.   We’ll be giving some suggestions on foam rolling / mobility drills / and active cardio recovery.  If you did not do Murph, there will be an option to Row a 2K for time.
  • Skill / Conditioning – 5 Rounds – Each for max reps.  Score is total double unders
    • AMRAP2 – Rest 1 min after each AMRAP
      • 20 Russian Swings (Sx = 35#/26# – Rx = 53#/35# – CRx = 70#/53#)
      • Max Double Unders in remaining time (Sx = Max Single Unders Or Max Cal Bike)
  • Finisher – 3 Sets – 15 KB Side Bends + 1:00 banded plank
Charlotte having no problem with the 100# sandbag