05/22/19: Wednesday

Sunday, June 9th is the Cure for IBD Run.  We’ve supported the event for Kael’s daughter, who suffers from Crohn’s, and Coach Jake, who has UC.

Shirt <– Click this link if you’re interested in getting a shirt for the event (all proceeds will be donated).
               **Shirt orders need to be in by Friday!**
Run   <– Click this link if you’re interested in registering for the race (1 mile/2 mile/5 km).

Today’s Workout

  • Strength – Last Done 10/03/18
    Teams of 4-5 – 15 min.

    • Build to a Heavy 50′ Sled Push
      ***If you max out early, try to get in about 7 challenging pushes
  • Conditioning – “Death by Wall Balls” – Last Done 12/31/18
    sx – Start at 5   rx – Start at 10

    • Add 1 Rep Every min. Until Failure
      ***If you fail prior to 10 min., treat it as an AMRAP 10
  • Accessory
    4 Sets

    • 15 KB Side Bends (Each Side)