05/15/17: Thank You!

On Saturday we hosted our second annual Barbells and Beers competition in conjunction with Two Roads Brewing Co. Despite the weather, we had an excellent turn out with nearly 100 competitors and at least that many more spectators. We had a huge crew of volunteers and judges who made the day go off without a hitch.  The energy in the gym was electric all day, and the spectators helped keep the athletes motivated through some tough workouts.  Putting on competitions is a lot of work and takes months of planning.  Sometimes it seems crazy to put in all that effort for just one day, but every time we finish hosting an event, we are reassured that it is all completely worth it.   Competing is a nerve racking experience that makes most people feel pretty uncomfortable.  It is a challenge both mentally and physically to put yourself through 3-4 workouts in one day, be judged, and have a whole bunch of people watching you.  However, whether first or last, I think everyone that competed at some point during the competition had a moment where they felt the support of our greater CrossFit community.  The bonds between 908ers grew as some people that barely knew each other competed together, and the bonds between 908 and our surrounding affiliate friends grew as we welcomed them in to our home, worked hard to put on a fair and fun event, and congratulated each and every person for their effort.  I love seeing some many fitness-minded people come together to cheer each other on to be and do better.  It’s all so positive, and that is pretty special.  Thank you to everyone who helped, competed, watched, donated prizes, and supported our second annual B&B competition.  We raised a good chunk of change for the March of Dimes foundation and that feels really good.  Until the GSO on Saturday, October 7th.


Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – EMOM10 – 5 Thrusters – Start @ SX = 75/55 – Rx = 95/65 – CRx  135/95  – Increase as possible
  • Conditioning – 5RFT –
    • 30 Overhead Reverse Lunges (Sx = 25#/10# – Rx = 45#/25#)
    • 15 Burpees to plate
  • Finisher – 3 Sets – 10 Strict Toes To Bar + :30 Side Plank Each Side
The 2017 Barbells and Beers Crew!