04/10/14: Sunny, with a chance of squats

As many of you already know, Thursdays are “programmed rest days” at 908.  If you have attended Mon-Wed, and plan to attend Fri/Sat, today is your day to take off, recover, mobilize, hydrate, and rest.  If you are serious about getting stronger today is a great day to focus on strength and nothing else.  If your main focus is endurance, today is the day to hop on that rower/airdyne/sled and crank away.  Either way, enjoy your day.

Optional Squats – 5 x 3 Pause Back Squats (3 seconds in the hole).  Go by feel.  All working sets should be challenging.  Accessory work should include Ab work, and hip extensions.

Optional Endurance Row – 4 x 1,000m Row – Rest 60 seconds.  For every second your slowest row and fastest row are apart complete 5 burpees.

Congrats Dave on passing the 100 class mark!
Congrats Dave on passing the 100 class mark!

1 thought on “04/10/14: Sunny, with a chance of squats”

  1. Thanks for running the best gym I’ve ever been to and making me want to get my ass kicked 5 days a week!