04/03/14: Thursday Yoursday is Back!

5:15am make-up class today (Thursday).  Get it while it’s hot.  


From our yoga teacher, Karen Kelly:  “April is proving to be a busy month…. I will be away at a 4 day yoga training from April 10 through April 13 and will need to cancel yoga classes that Thursday and Sunday. This coming Sunday, I cannot be there in the afternoon due to a family commitment.  Rather than miss two Sunday yoga classes in a row, I will be teaching yoga before Open Gym this Sunday, April 6th,  from 8:45-9:45 a.m.  What a wonderful way to start your Sunday!!!   Please sign up on Zen Planner ahead of time if you will be attending. I look forward to practicing yoga with you!”

Today is Thursday Yoursday.  All classes will follow an open gym format.  As per usual, please sign up on Zen Planner in advance and make sure to sign in when you get to the gym.  You can use any of today’s classes to work on a skill you are looking to improve, lift something heavy, mobilize, or just hang out.  Enjoy your day.

Ralph and his boys after a hard Open workout!
Ralph and his boys after a hard Open workout!

9 thoughts on “04/03/14: Thursday Yoursday is Back!”

  1. What a nice picture! Ralph ~ you are such a great person and you look good. Way to represent at the open!