04/01/19: Monday

Congratulations to Amy & Phil Z on winning the nutrition challenge! Read more below…

Today’s Workout

  • Strength
    • 1 RM Back Squat
  • Conditioning – “Dub-Step”
    AMRAP 10

    • 16 DB Box Step Ups (sx – Scale as Needed   rx – 50#|35#)  ***1 DB
    • 61 Double Unders
  • Accessory
    4 Sets

    • 10 Banded Clamshells (Each Side)
    • 10 Banded Glute Bridges

Wow! What an incredible nutrition challenge we just finished. Six weeks of fueling your bodies with clean, nutritious foods has really paid off. With the help of the Wodify Rise app, participants were better able to see how they were doing on a daily basis, which helped build accountability and yield some of the best results we have ever had in a nutrition challenge. We had several teams with 5%+ weight loss, as well as some amazing transformation photos.

The winning team is Amy and Phil Z. who lost an average of 9% bodyweight in the six weeks. They were also both in the top 5 on the leaderboard with points, proving that compliance and consistency yields the best results. Honorable mentions are Gabe P. and Nora G., who lost an average of 6.3% bodyweight, and Mindi M. and Ann G. who lost an average of 6.2% bodyweight. Both of these teams were also at the top of the leaderboard with points.

Another three teams that had great results were Kim W. and Melissa D., Tim W. and Tom M., and Jen A. and Vinny C., who all lost an average of 6% bodyweight per team.

We are so proud of all of the teams that finished the challenge. It’s not easy, and it certainly is a challenge to do such a major lifestyle change. Your performances are so impressive, and we hope that this was a great learning experience that will spill over into your daily lives for the foreseeable future.

Congrats again to Amy and Phil who each won $250 cash, one month’s supply of Nutrabio Whey protein, and a 908 shirt!

Who is ready for another one?