03/20/17: Congrats M&M boys

Congratulations to Mike A. and Mike V. on winning the Nutrition Challenge for the second time!  Mike and Mike scored a whopping 359 points out of a possible 360.  In addition Mike A. lost 13lbs or 8.5% of his bodyweight and Mike V. lost 9lbs or 3.7% of his bodyweight.  Not only did Mike and Mike have the highest score, but combined they also lost the most % of bodyweight.  Congrats to Mike and Mike!  We had some other stellar performances during this challenge.  Mike W. and Tavaris T. were the runners up losing 4% and 7.22% respectively.  Mike C. and Vinny C. were close behind losing 4% and 6.5% respectively.  These partner challenges continue to produce the best results we have seen.  We will plan to run another challenge in a couple of months.  If anyone has any feedback or comments, please feel free to let us know.  Thanks to everyone who completed the challenge!
Today’s Workout:

  • Conditioning – 5RFT – “Hook, Line, and Sinker”
    • 2 Rope Climbs (Sx = 2 Mod Rope Climbs OR 10 Strict Pull Ups)
    • 21 Sit Ups (CRx = Weighted)
    • 2 Rope Climbs
    • 11 Burpees
  • Finisher – 5 Sets – 10 Dumbbell Row + 10 Strict Dumbbell Press
Big B!