03/19/17: Sunday Update

Next Saturday, 03/25, will be the last CrossFit Open workout of 2017.  We plan to have a little celebration at the gym to “Close the Open.” We were thinking it would be fun to do a potluck style party.  People can bring an item of food or drink.  Erin and I were planning to bring some pulled pork and either some cider or beer.  We’ll post about the party in the CrossFit 908 Community page on Facebook.  If you plan to bring something, it would be great if you can post it in the group.  It will be very casual so no need to go crazy.  If we end up not having enough food Erin and I will order pizzas.

In addition, a new tenant in the same complex as 908, will be at the gym on Saturday before the Open workout offering Thai-Yoga massage and Kinesio Taping for $20 for 20 minutes.  The name of the business is Body Restoration and the practitioners are Doreen and Jay.  They will have a table set up in the gym.  If you would like to get worked on, please plan to show up around 8:30am.

The week ahead:

  • Mon – Triplet
  • Tue – Triplet
  • Wed – Sled + Bike + Couplet
  • Thurs – Front Squat + Couplet
  • Fri – TBD
  • Sat – Open Workout 17.5
  • Sun – Yoga + Open Gym
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