03/16/14: Sunday Update

14.3 Afterthoughts – Now, that was one tough workout.  I’m extremely proud of the performances yesterday.  I know there were several of you who were nervous about the weights, but you all did a phenomenal job.  Given the amount of posterior chain loading on Saturday, we’ll be taking it a bit easy on Monday to give your backs/hamstrings some much needed rest.  Make sure you are staying hydrated and mobilizing.  Don’t just sit around and wallow in your soreness.  YOU NEED TO MOVE!  See you all this week.

This week @ 908:

  • Mon – Strict Press + Triplet
  • Tue – Chipper
  • Wed – Clean + Couplet
  • Thurs – Triplet
  • Fri – Open Gym
  • Sat – Open Workout 14.4
  • Sun – Open Gym

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