02/28/14: NC Day #26 – "Yoursday" to be Friday (for a bit)

Starting next week we will be changing the day for “Yoursday” to Friday.  We will have programmed workouts Monday through Thursday and an “open gym” style Friday for anyone who wants to practice/complete the Open workout.  This will give anyone who is doing the 2014 Open 3-days (Friday/Saturday/Sunday) to complete the open workout for that week. Does that work for y’all?  Of course, once the Open finishes up in 4-weeks we will go back to our regular schedule.  Good luck to everyone on 14.1!

Today’s workout should give you some practice for Saturday.  If you feel you need extra work, feel free to do so, but please stay out of the way of the class.

Today’s Workout:

  • Warm Up – 5 min Double Under Practice – If proficient attempt the following – 5/10/15/20/25/30/25/20/15/10/5 of unbroken double under sets.
  • Conditioning – 3RFT – Rest 2 minutes between efforts
    • 500m Row
    • 20 Hand Release Burpees to a 45# plate
  • Finisher – 3 x 10 Touch & Go Power Snatch @ 75/55 or lighter.  Share bars. Work on cycle speed and efficiency of movement.
Got Snatch?
Got Snatch?

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