02/27/14: NC Day #25 – Open WOD 14.1 Release @ 8pm Tonight!

The first open workout of the 2014 season will be released tonight @ 8pm.  Lets of predictions of burpees and box jumps!

For those of you will be competing in the Open and have a goal of doing as well as possible, Thursday is a good day to get a workout in so you can rest up Friday.  We will be hosting the Open workouts on Saturdays starting @ 8:30am.  Depending on the length of the workout and equipment needed, we could run as late as 11am.  Ideally we’ll get the first heat off around 8:45am.  We will need help with judging and cheering!  We will do our best to accommodate everyone who has a time constraint.  If you know you have to leave early, please arrive as early as possible and let one of the coaches know.  If you can hang around and help, please do so!

For those of you who have never to been to a Thursday Yoursday at 908, you are in for a real treat.  Today is all about you.  You can use the class to make up a workout you missed, or you can use it to work on a skill you are looking to improve.  Ask your coach for help, and get your sweat on.  Enjoy your day!

Nutrition Challengers – We are fast approaching the end of the challenge.  Heather will be available to take measurements in the coming days.  Please email [email protected] to make an appointment.  She is available Thursday 4:30 – 7:30PM, Friday 10am and 5 – 7PM, and Saturday 8:15am – 10am.  Also, please don’t forget to weigh yourself and send to [email protected].  So excited to see all of the wonderful progress you guys and gals made!!!

Danielle and Kristin getting after swings!
Danielle and Kristin getting after swings!