02/23/19: Saturday

Untied Brewery – TODAY @ 11:30am after open workout 19.1, we will be heading to the new Untied Brewery in New Providence.  They are opening their doors 30-min early for all 908ers so we can grab some good spots.  They do not serve food, so you can either bring your own or order delivery once there.  For anyone on the Nutrition Challenge, you will be allowed a two beer gimme in celebration of the start of the Open.

Today’s Workout:

  • Strength
    6 Sets

    • 6 Strict Handstand Push Ups
  • Conditioning
    AMRAP 15 – Partner WOD

    • P1: Max Wall Balls (sx – Scale as Needed   rx – 20#|14#)
    • P2: 19 Cal Row
      ***Alternate each time 19 cals are completed

CrossFit Open 19.1 – Sign up for a heat and to judge: HERE

  • AMRAP 15
    • 19 Wall Balls (sx – 14#|10#   rx – 20#|14#)
    • 19 Cal Row