02/02/14: Nutrition Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

The CrossFit 908 February Nutrition Challenge starts on Monday, 02/03.  I know many of you still have questions, so I am going to do my best to answer some right here, and then we will be holding a week-one check in talk @ the gym on Sunday, 02/09 @ 4:30pm.  We would like all of those participating to show up with your points, your questions, any awesome recipes you found, and and a positive attitude about having already completed 25% of the challenge! Please keep the dialogue going in the Facebook group.  Also, if you have not sent your weigh-in figures to [email protected], do so now.  Here goes:

  • Portion Sizes – I wouldn’t get crazy here.  You should eat until you are full. Remember that is a quality of food challenge, not a quantity of food challenge.  We are not weight watchers, nor do we want to be.  Just eat the right foods.  If you are “stuffed” after eating, then take note and eat a bit less next time.  Things that people normally gorge on that can be a problem are nuts that are roasted and salted and dried fruits.  These things need to be eaten in moderation.  Still to real fruits and raw nuts.  I promise you that you will not be able to ear nearly as much when you eat the real thing.
  • Pre/Post Workout Meals – Pre-workout.  My only advice here is don’t eat too soon before a workout.  I think it makes your stomach upset and your performance suffers.  Post-workout you should eat some protein and carbs.  Keep the fat low until about an hour after your workout when you have a real meal.  Bring some fruit, meat, or starch with you and eat it right when you are done working out.  If you aren’t hungry post workout, just wait until you eat a meal and make sure you are getting in a good amount of carbs.
  • Frequency of Eating – Whenever you are hungry, seriously.
  • Snacks – Leftovers.  Snacks can be small amounts of larger meals.  They don’t have to be chips and salsa.

The week ahead @ 908: – BTW Feb is deemed the month of both the double under and the burpee.  Learn them, love them.

  • Mon – Front Squat + Triplet
  • Tue – DU’s + Chipper
  • Wed – Push Press + Couplet
  • Thurs – Yours
  • Fri – Cleans + Couplet
  • Sat – Triplet
  • Sun – Open Gym