01/06/13: Clean Shoes Please!

Hey All, please bring a change of shoes to the gym so we can keep the warm up area clean.  Thank you.  

CrossFit 908 – Next Level Classes –

Starting on Wednesday, January 8 @ 7am and Saturday, January 11 @ 10am CrossFit 908 will be starting “Next Level” classes.  These classes are designed and geared for CrossFit athletes who are seriously focused on competing.  While our number one goal at CrossFit 908 is to bring the CrossFit ideology to the masses, we understand that there is a platform for competition made available through the CrossFit Open, and that to advance in the sport of CrossFit takes an unbelievable amount of hard work.  Next Level classes are not for everyone.  There will be strict prerequisites as well as additional costs associated with the Next Level classes.

Next Level classes will focus on advanced gymnastics movements and the nuances of the olympic lifts.  Instruction will be minimal, and the workload will be high.  Many times you will be working out with the 908 coaches.  These classes are not meant for those looking to learn how to perform movements like the snatch, clean & jerk, handstand push up, or muscle up.  These are skills you will learn in our regular group CrossFit classes.  Thursdays and Sundays are meant for you to ask your coaches for help on these types of skills.

If you feel that you need extra help and you are interested in working on the skills necessary to participate in the Next Level classes then private training with any of our coaches is for you.  We already have several people seeking the expertise of our coaches through private training and are making excellent gains.

I can’t stress enough that CrossFit 908’s goal is not to be the “most competitive” gym.  At our core we are focused on the fundamentals of movements, coaching, and health of our clients.  We know that many of you desire to compete in the sport of CrossFit, and we want to foster all of the very talented athletes we have at CrossFit 908.  We thank you for your patience as we know many of you have wanted these classes for some time.

These classes are not meant to be “exclusive,” but by their very nature they have to be or they lose their purpose.  Below is a list of prerequisites needed in order to join the Next Level classes.  Exceptions will be made for Masters competitors.

  • Strength –

    • Back Squat – Male > 315# / Female > 185#
    • Overhead Squat – Male > 205# / Female > 135#
    • Clean & Jerk – Male > 225# / Female > 135#
    • Snatch – Male > 185# / Female > 100#
  • Skills –

    • Pull Ups – Male > 10 Strict – Female > 5 Strict
    • Ring Dips > Male > 15 Strict – Female > 10 Strict
    • Handstand Push Ups  – Male > 10 Strict – Female > 5 Strict
    • Double Unders > 50 in a row
    • 2K Row – Male < 7:20 – Female < 8:00

In addition, you must have an unlimited membership @ CrossFit 908.  You can purchase a package of 5 classes for $40 that will be good for two-months.  Looking forward to working out with many of you!

Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – EMOM10 – Alternate
    • 1st Min – 2 Pause Back Squats @ 80% (3 seconds in the bottom)
    • 2nd Min – 5 High Box Jumps (Perfect landing.  Not for speed)
  • Conditioning – 21-15-9 reps for time of
    • Right Arm Overhead KB Lunge – (Sx = 26#/18# – Rx = 35#/26# – CRx = 53#/35#)
    • Left Arm Overhead KB Lunge – (Sx = 26#/18# – Rx = 35#/26# – CRx = 53#/35#)
    • Toes To Bar
  • Finisher – Collect a total of 2 min in a Hollow Hold or 100 Hollow Body Rocks

Saturday’s Climb For Clean Water WOD was a huge success.  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported the event.  Good luck to Pita in her climb of Mt. Kilimanjaro and her fundraising efforts for UNICEF.

Climb For Clean Water WOD
Climb For Clean Water WOD