02/13/17: Nutrition Challenge Day #1

Today is the first day of the Nutrition Challenge (NC).  Reminder that your need to post your points on a daily basis to the Facebook group.  Post all questions and recipes to the group as well.  We want to see what you are all eating.  Cooking will be key during the challenge, so make sure you have gone food shipping and are making enough for leftovers so you can have food readily available.

Today’s Workout:

  • Strength – 5 x 3 Overhead Squat – Taken from ground.  (Here are some tips to help you develop your overhead squat)
  • Conditioning – AMRAP15 – “Body Movin'”
    • 7 Overhead Squats (Sx = 45#/35# – Rx = 75#/55# – CRx = 95#/65#) – These can be scaled to overhead lunges if mobility is an issue or front squats if you have any shoulder issues.
    • 5 Burpees Over The Bar
    • 3 Ring Muscle Ups (Sx = 5 Jumping Chest to Bar Pull Ups OR 3 Jumping Ring Muscle Ups)
  • Finisher – Banded Shoulder Distraction / Lax Ball Scapula
Mama Lara working hard!