Pull Up / Bar Muscle Up Seminar

908 Athletics will be hosting a seminar focused on kipping and how it relates to pull ups, chest to bar pull ups, and bar muscle ups. The seminar will focus on proper body positions, grip, hip extension, pulling patterns, and efficiency. The first half of the seminar will be geared towards kipping and efficiency while the latter half will split the group into two, one focused on pull ups / chest to bar pull ups and one focused on bar muscle ups.

Participants will receive
📌 Individualized feedback on strengths and weaknesses
📌 Drills and homework to start improving the next day
📌 Access to a 10-week pull up accessory program that compliments your daily workout.

Pre-requisites for the seminar are as follows
🔸 Pull Up / CTB Group – Minimum of 5 strict pull ups
🔸 Bar Muscle Up Group – Minimum of 5 chest to bar pull ups + 5 strict ring dips

We will be hosting two identical seminars, one at each location.  The seminar is capped at 20 people and cost is $40. Dates below.
🗓 Seminar 1 – Thursday, 05/12 @ 7:30pm at 908 Athletics Westfield
🗓 Seminar 2 – Tuesday, 05/17 @ 7:15pm at 908 Athletics Berkeley Heights

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